An 87 Billion Deception Dollar Message for Congress and Bush

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"... Lack of a serious investigation, destruction of evidence, a preposterous, contradictory, official narrative of events, the systemic historical parallels, war profiteering, have compelled researchers and a growing body of activists from around the world to investigate the events of 9-11. The attack on human rights, to label those who challenge government or corporate policies "domestic terrorists," the draining of the public treasury, and the promise of perpetual war has alarmed and engaged people throughout the world to discern the truth buried beneath official lies. Websites, public forums, documentaries, books, magazines, art, music, rallies, marches, meetings have nurtured and strengthened the 9-11 Truth Alliance,
911 Truth Alliance
to deepen their understanding of these events.

Bush asked Congress for 87 billion for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Citizens in Seattle decided that Bush should be paid in "Bush Bucks," Fraudulent Event Notes, Deception Dollars, and their Congressman Jim McDermott willingly offered to accept 87 billion in Bush Bucks to take with him to Congress. A special "Billion Deception Dollar Note" was made, and a delegation will request that Congresswoman Barbara Lee assist Congressman McDermott in his effort and carry a message from California to Congress. A delegation will present the 87 billion and our message to Congresswoman Barbara Lee's staff, along with this letter:

October 7, 2003 Dear Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Just two years ago, I was in Washington, D.C. protesting an impending war on Afghanistan, a few us, also, bought a bouquet of flowers to deliver to your office to thank-you for your brave position against the war. I would like to ask you to take another brave position. For nearly two years I have been investigating the events of 9-11, demanding a congressional inquiry, working with researchers and activists from around the world. Our 9-11 Truth Alliance organized a rally at Oakland's Federal Building today, on the second anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan, to get our message out to the public, press, and our elected officials. Here are the 9-11 Truth Alliance's public demands- Stop the 9-11 Cover-Up! *Investigate the military stand down. Why no timely fighter intercepts? *Release the documents: FAA tapes, NORAD documents, "black box" info. *Let the investigators question the FBI informant who lived in San Diego with the alleged hijackers. *Investigate WTC Building 7 collapse: Why, without being hit by an aircraft, or any significant debris, did it collapse in the manner of a controlled demolition? *Repeal the Patriot Act *End the secret detentions. No Secret military trials: --All trials public *End the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan! *Impeach the Bush junta! For their lies, obstruction of justice, cover ups, and crimes against the peace. I also am the producer of the Deception Dollars and I received a request this weekend from a woman in Seattle whose Congressman, Jim McDermott, is willing to take 87 One Billion Deception Dollar Notes to Congress from his constituency, and the message that we want money for LIFE not WAR. He was presented the 87 billion last night in Seattle with much fanfare. I am hoping that you will add your voice to his and carry our message to Congress- The War is a fraud. Tax cuts for the rich, blood and taxes from everyone else. Find the real terrorists, the war criminals, the profiteers who are making a killing from the war on America, Afghanistan, Iraq. They owe us, the world, trillions in reparations. We want money for LIFE, not for WAR. Here are 87 One Billion Deception Dollar Notes and a large two sided banner with our messages on it which we hope you will deliver to Congress in solidarity with Congressman McDermott. (At least you won't be alone in taking a brave stand this time.) I would love to hear from you to see if our actions can help you in your efforts to reveal the truth, promote peace, and justice. Sincerely, Carol Brouillet