Hungry for 9/11 Truth
in Scottsdale, AZ

Dear AE911Truth Supporters:
Please, everyone, support Blair Gadsby in his hunger strike for 9/11 Truth, now in its 11th day. As another hero steps up to take us another step forward in our demand for truth and justice, and to further the cause of the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, we can all bask in his dedication and send him good thoughts and best wishes for health and perseverance. Blair is doing fine and is under his doctor's guidance to ensure he stays healthy throughout this ordeal. We meant to have this News Flash out to you sooner, but we have been swamped with our success.

We will go to Arizona to meet with Senator McCain if we can all mount significant pressure on him to meet with us. You can help in this regard by contacting Senator McCain's office and demanding that he meet with AE911Truth and honor Blair's incredible sacrifice. Here is the contact information:

Senator John Mccain
5353 N. 16th St., Suite 105
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

602-952-2410 (Phoenix office)
202-224-2235 (D.C. office)
520-670-6334 (Tucson office)
480-897-6289 (Tempe, Arizona, office)
602-952-8702 (Phoenix FAX)

Also, contact as many of the media outlets as you can, listed below, demanding that they cover this hunger strike story.

Read all about what is happening in the following article from AE911Truth Petition Signer Senator Karen Johnson's office. You can also find more information at the following website detailing Blair's ordeal:

Thank you for your ongoing support!


Richard Gage and the volunteer staff of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Jun 3, 2008
Arizona Legislator Karen Johnson
Asks McCain to Meet on 9/11
Senator Karen S. Johnson

Johnson's letter requests that McCain allow a meeting with Scottsdale professor, Blair Gadsby, who has been on a hunger strike outside McCain's office on 16th Street for nine days.

Arizona state senator Karen Johnson (R-18) today delivered a letter to the office of U.S. Senator John McCain asking him to meet with a group of professionals to discuss the events of 9/11 when terrorists hijacked four airplanes and attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

Johnson recently announced her support for a new, independent investigation of 9/11. "Even the chairman of the commission has announced his dissatisfaction with the report," said Johnson. "Anyone who reads the report can see that much was left out and that there are many discrepancies," she said.

Johnson's letter requests that McCain allow a meeting with Scottsdale professor, Blair Gadsby, who has been on a hunger strike outside McCain's office on 16th Street for nine days. Gadsby has arranged for architect Richard Gage and physicist Steven Jones to meet with McCain at his convenience to present evidence of controlled demolition gathered from the ruins of Ground Zero. Gage is the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth a group consisting of hundreds of building professionals who want Congress to open up a new investigation of 9/11. Dr. Jones is a physicist who has done laboratory analysis of residue from the rubble of the World Trade Center and found evidence of explosives. Both Gage and Jones believe that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed as a result of explosives that were planted in the buildings before September 11.

"Their evidence is very significant," said Johnson, "because it wasn't presented to the 9/11 Commission when they did their original investigation, and it completely changes the conclusions of the Commission. There's nothing wrong with going back and having another look. If the Commission didn't have all the facts, then so be it. But we need to know what happened on 9/11. Nearly 3,000 Americans died that day, and we deserve to know the truth about what happened. It's time to get to the bottom of this."

Johnson and Hunger-Striker Gadsby want McCain to allow Jones and Gage to present the evidence to him. "Senator McCain wants to be elected to the highest office in this country," said Senator Johnson, "and he needs to know the truth about 9/11. Finding answers to 9/11 should be a significant part of this presidential campaign. The events of 9/11 led to this war with Iraq, to the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security, to the loss of habeas corpus, the use of wiretaps, the push for a national ID, and other legislation that deprives us of freedom. This is a very significant issue, and no one is discussing it. Our presidential candidates need to talk about this."

Media Contacts

Please contact these local Arizona media stations to demand that they cover the 9/11 Truth hunger strike.

Radio Stations

89.5 FM. "Licensed to Arizona State University and the Maricopa Community College District, KBAQ FM brings classical music to the Phoenix metropolitan area."
Phone: (480) 965-1164

News-talk Radio, 1100 on the AM dial.
Phone: (602) 277-1100

KFYI 550 on the AM dial. Newstalk. Phone: (602) 260-5394 (Talk Show Call-In) Phone: (602) 374-6120 (News Tip line)

91.5 FM. An NPR station. News and talk by day, jazz and blues by night.
Phone: (480) 834-5627
E-mail: KTAR
Phone: (602) 274-6200

KPHX Air America
Phone: (602) 297-6642

TV Stations

Phone: (602) 257-6630 (News Room)

Phone: (602) 650-0711

Phone: (602) 685-6397

You can contact the FOX 10 Newsdesk by phone and also e-mail the assignment desk.
Phone: (602) 257-1234 (and then Option 3)