'Truthers' just want the truth

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Arizona Republic

May 13, 2008

Regarding editorial writer Doug MacEachern's column "9/11 'truthers' are overlooking key point about 9/11: Human nature" (Viewpoints, Sunday):

Once again name-calling and misapplication of the questions take over, instead of addressing the concerns that we have about the stated "facts" presented by the government.

Not all of us have "mountains of data" or "armies of experts."

But we do question why a third building collapses in such a clean manner or why such a large jet could create a hole in the Pentagon but not leave marks from the wings and engines.

When temperatures were so high that the aircraft metal melted, how could DNA survive to allow identification of victims within the planes?

Why would top administrative officials not testify under oath?

Governments do seize opportunities for their own advantage.

Look at the Reichstag fire, or Germany dressing up prisoners as Polish soldiers to justify invading Poland, or the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

From our invasion of Iraq on totally disputed claims of WMDs to Dick Cheney shooting a hunting mate in a totally ridiculous scenario, this administration has shown it doesn't care to tell the truth.

We ask questions not because we are crackpots. We ask questions because we care for the truth.

We care for the answers.

Jim Bolek