Kennebunkport Warning update:

From the Green Party of Washington State listserve:

Email exchanges between Green Party of Washington State Officer Maryrose Asher and Green Party of Vermont member Craig Hill. Mr Hill, one of the original signatories of the Kennebunk Warning, is a Candidate in the "Peter OUT" campaign, seeking to replace Peter Welch, "the Pelosi Democrat mis-representing Vermont. "

From Craig to Maryrose:

from Craig to Maryrose:
For reasons stated below, i believe Dahlia Wasafi is the original instigator of the campaign to destroy the messenger and the message of the Kennebunkport Warning on August 25 2007 at the rally in the aforementioned community blighted for the fact of its most infamous occupants. The message, not completely lost in the unfortunately avoidable hubbub surrounding the scandal of the signers who pretend they didn't, concerns the great and terrible potential of another phony 9/11 attack, to be blamed on a subsequently obliterated Iran. I believe it was Dahlia who got two of the other signators to find objection with it along with her, and that she did so because of fears she stated in an email to the messenger and signature collector, Bruce Marshall, that her family, some of whom live in Iraq, may be threatened for her having signed it.

I understand why she would renounce her signature. I would denounce anything if i thought a member of my family was going to be hurt because of a statement i signed. Unfortunately, she has done so in a way that threw Bruce under the bus, and for that completely unnecessary reason i hold her in contempt. Dahlia could have easily and simply asked Bruce to remove her name and announce that she signed in error, or something to that effect, and voila, her problem woiuld have been solved. But she apparently was told she had to denounce the message and its messenger as a hoax, to divert attention away from the message and foment focused attention on a controversy instead. Otherwise Dahlia is worse even than a liar, she is either part of the war effort she claims she denounces or an idiot out of her depth. I believe neither of the latter two explanations. Which is why i take her at her word when she wrote in an email to Bruce Aug 28: ...I speak for my family, both blood relatives in Iraq, and U.S. veterans and military families in the States and overseas. (Apparently she either has relatives in the US military both "in the States and overseas" or she meglomaniacally believes she speaks for the entire US military. )

But note her reference to her blood relatives in Iraq. Note the language on her website, as she specified it, www.liberatethis , the reference she clearly added after her signature, which you can see, along with Cindy's and the others who signed that sheet last Saturday in the attachment herein: "I speak to you today on behalf of relatives on my mother's side—Ashkenazi Jews who fled their homeland of Austria during Hitler's Anschluss. It is for them that we say 'Never again.' I speak to you today on behalf of relatives on my father's side, who are not living, but dying, under the occupation of this administration's deadly foray in Iraq." There's the culprit, revealing the reason for the scam of her own invention.

Her signature is hereby disseminated to the world. Her lie, that she signed a completely different message, will be apparent. Bruce doesn't play gotcha or switcheroo, he transported the statement hastily penned by Webster Tarpley last Friday afternoon directly to the rally in Maine Saturday morning. He was not interested in trying to trick these people, who unfortunately have revealed that they are the ones of dubious integrity, into signing something because he could read their minds before asking them and concluded they'd never sign it as written, and so supposedly produced to them a second wimpier message he knew they would approve instead, ask them to sign that and mix the two sheets together. THAT is the level of hoax these unfortunate hoaxtresses are implying. That they fulminate the hoax is what will cause unfortunate loss of credibility for them as the sheet with their signatures is circulated. (I have requested a handwriting analyst to look at the sheet and their sigs and make his/her pronouncement.)

That she got others to go along with her---Jamilla has told Bruce she did not really know what she was signing, it just looked good and she signed it---is indication, i believe, of the threats leveled against Dahlia. Sheehan is quoted as saying it "looks shady", after hearing the bs Dahlia spun to her. That, i believe, is Sheehan's little helpful spin for the sake of Dahlia's family. If not, Cindy's got a lot of 'splainin to do regarding the fact of her signature.

The hoax here is a rally by some of the signers to protect Dahlia's family by amazingly, clumsily and stupidly destroying the credibility of a patriot who is simply trying to do what they have not the guts or brains to do on their own. NOwhere in their denunciations do they say they desire to warn the American people another phony 9/11 may soon precede an attack on Iran, which is how mainstream reporters have been routinely filing reports over the last few months quoting Cheney, Chertoff and MANY others in and out of the government to precisely that effect.

Their claim is made in the light of the profound ignorance of events which may soon come down the pike. The lie that they did not sign the specific sheet they did, to their eventual great regret, may have immensely foolishly undermined the very public awareness necessary to forestall a potential nuclear strike on Iran, a realization Bruce Marshall was innocently trying to increase by trusting apparently untrustworthy signers.

~ Craig Hill / Signator, Kennebunkport Warning / Candidate of the campaign, Peter OUT, to replace a Pelosi Democrat mis-representing Vermont