There are many who want to know the status of HJM 4009.  This bill was assigned to the State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee.  As is the case in all committees, the Chair of each committee decides if a bill assigned to it will receive a hearing or not.  I have been informed that the Chair of this committee has decided to not give HJM 4009 a hearing.


If a bill does not receive a hearing, its progress is stopped and it is essentially dead.

Several of my constituents have asked me about internet resources that can help them find the information they need.


If you want to see the actual bill, go here and enter the 4-digit bill number:


A direct link to HJM 4009:


This is a link to the committee directory:


And to the State Govt & Tribal Affairs Committee with contact information:



Rep Matt Shea

Sponsor, HJM 4009

4th Legislative District

(360) 786-7984