Members of the Seattle 911 Truth Community interviewed former Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta during his visit to Seattle on June 26 2007. They videoed the interview, which was then picked up by the jonesreport:

According to Bob of Ouch My Eye Gallery ( "It was front page yesterday at,
If you scroll down currently on the left hand it is a featured video of the day. You can find a calendar link on the right towards the bottom that would take you to an archive of yesterdays main page. It was also featured on the Alex Jones Radio show during hour 3. It is also found on front page yesterday and is currently on the news in focus tab upper right. Again a calendar archive on the right hand side towards the bottom. It was front page of 911blogger, now a few stories down wearechange and many other high traffic 911 truth movement sites. The audio from the video was also featured on the radio shows of Jack Blood Deadline Live, Jack Blood gave major kudos to Seattle, he is from here. Genesis World Report with Jason Bermas. Nothing on current podcast but I am guessing that this gonna be a hot topic for a couple days yet.."

The locally produced video was then picked up by Digg and made it to position 4 in the "Top In 24 Hours" list before being upstaged by other videos.

Currently (June 27 4:30 PM PST) the video is still on Digg at:

In it's travels to Digg, the video has picked up the text from an article by Aaron Dykes on the Jones Report titled "Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11" As it turns out, Mineta never said this, but the conclusion was deduced by the interaction between the interviewer and Mineta, based on previously well established facts.

The major victory is that the video and consequent story have been favorably received by the 911 Truth Community. The lesson learned is that backing out conclusions from interviews can be a tricky business.