Hi Everyone -- This is just a quick note to thank everyone for all their support and kind words. You are a fabulous group of people! So many of you have sent letters to the editor of both the Republic and the East Valley Tribune. That is so great! They certainly haven't printed many, but I'm hoping that some more will appear in print in the next couple weeks.

As you know, Richard Gage, of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and I were both guests on a radio program Saturday night, along with another great supporter of a new investigation -- media critic David Winkler. David is a free-lance columnist who lives in the Phoenix area. I actually have saved some of David's columns in the past. He has written on 9/11 before. If I can find some links to his columns, I'll send them out.

Of course, you all know Richard Gage -- isn't he wonderful! He and David did such a great job Saturday night. I hope that some of you were able to listen. The radio host -- Jay Lawrence -- was very good to us, and he was excited that they got calls from Philadelphia and Seattle and other far-away places while we were on. All in all, it was very productive.

Just for fun, I'm sending you all a photo that was taken at the interview at KTAR Saturday night (attached). Richard was on the phone line, so he's not in the photo.

The link below is to an article on 9/11 that appeared in the Arizona Republic yesterday:


The author, Doug McEachern (pronounced Meh-KEH-kern) is a very likable guy, but he's certainly wrong on 9/11. I'm planning to write a response and, as you'll see, many people have already reponded on the blog. If any of the responses came from anyone on this list, my thanks to you! I think some of you might recognize some of the names.

You are one of the best activist groups I've seen. Thank you for writing so many letters to the editor and for your blog comments and all the other things you are doing to get the facts about 9/11 out to the public. I think our voices are getting louder!

I'll be in touch!

Best regards,
Senator Karen S. Johnson

Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson and David Winkler seated right; During KTAR Interview