Attached is a photo of Blair (seated) -- a member of the Phoenix 9/11 Meet-Up Group and the man who is fasting to bring attention to the need for a new and more thorough investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Blair is a professor of Religious Studies at a Phoenix-area college. He is very committed to the cause of 9/11 Truth and was willing to make a big sacrifice to promote the cause. Although his wife (a nurse) wasn't too excited about having him fast indefinitely, she agreed to support him (thank you, Mrs. G!).

Under the best circumstances, fasting can be tough. The first day, you experience normal hunger pangs. The pangs eventually subside and are replace by increasing feelings of weakness. Water is very important to flush the system and to keep the body hydrated. Blair is undertaking a "water-only fast." No juice, no energy drinks -- just water.

He prepared very well for this fast. He consulted with his doctor, had blood work done to make sure there were no unknown obstacles or health issues, and then began to regulate his eating. A week ago he discontinued eating meat altogether and for the last few days ate vegetables and fruits mostly with a few carbs the last week before the fast. He began fasting at midnight Sunday, so yesterday (Memorial Day) was Day 1.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the desert climate, the temperatures normally reach 100 degrees or more every day, beginning in May. Although we've had a couple of 100-degree days already, it has been relatively cool for Phoenix this year. Yesterday the high was about 83 degrees, so Blair had a decent first day. When temperatures are more than 100 degrees, the body dehydrates rapidly. Tourists who visit Phoenix and are unaccustomed to the desert climate occasionally get themselves into trouble because of their unwitting failure to drink enough water. Under extreme circumstances, a car that breaks down on the highway ... or pulling off the road for a hike in the desert ... can quickly lead to dehydration, collapse, and loss of consciousness within 30 to 40 minutes. If fluids are not replenished and electrolyte balance re-established quickly and rapidly, kidney failure follows and then death. Desert residents always carry water in their cars and on their person during the hot summer months. It's not unusual to have regular daily temperatures of 105 to 112 degrees during the summer here, and 120-degree temperatures are not considered out of the ordinary. So, Blair has to deal with not only the rigors of fasting, but also the problem of staying hydrated. His wife and the "Truthers" here will be making sure he has plenty of bottled water and is drinking enough. Blair seems like a pretty sensible guy, and is taking this very seriously, so we don't anticipate any problems.

Finally, the link below takes you to an article in one of the suburban newspapers that talks about Blair's fast and 9/11. I think this article indicates that maybe the media is starting to open the door just a teensy little crack to admit the possibility of a need for further investigation of 9/11. See what you think. Article on Phoenix 9/11 "Hunger for Truth"

Either I or my assistant will be sending out daily reports on Blair and how the Hunger Strike is going. President Bush is in town today for a fundraiser for Senator McCain, and picketers are protesting at all their scheduled stump locations. Have a great day everyone!

Senator Karen S. Johnson