Hi Everyone Thanks to everyone who came to the Arizona Senate today to lend their support to Senator Johnson for her Floor speech on 9/11. She is most appreciative and expresses her thanks to everyone. Thank you also to all those who are on this list who have called or emailed. Its nice of you to take the time to do that. There have been a number of media calls this afternoon. Some will turn out to be negative, but I think the majority will be positive.

One of the main goals of the Floor speech is to provide a video so that other state legislators can see that its not so scary to speak out on this issue. So do take a look at the video .


Click on video on the line for June 10/Senate Floor.

and share it with legislators in other states.

Im enclosing a copy of her Floor speech [second message] , and also a picture of all the supporters who came to the Senate today along with our hero, Blair! Blair is still doing well, and we are glad we had an excuse to get him inside even for a few hours today. It was supposed to be 107 degrees here in Phoenix today beastly hot.

9/11 floor speech